We cultivate innovative compassionate leaders who create
positive change.

Highroad Consulting

What We DO

We help people recognize their capacity to lead and then provide a clear path and set of tools for successfully honor and reach that capacity.

How We do it

We begin by establishing a clear definition of leadership and move people towards identifying their leadership “touchstone”, what drives them to lead.

We provide ongoing skill development following best practices in:

  • Effective Communication
  • Compelling Visioning
  • Innovation
  • Results Based Collaboration

Our philosophy:

  • There is a path one must pursue to become a leader that others willingly follow.
  • Know Self -> Know Others -> Honor Self -> Honor Others -> Lead Self -> Lead Others.
  • This path offers a life time of experience and opportunity and is well worth taking.

We believe leadership:

  • Requires deliberate practice.
  • Is about innovation, communication, and compassion.
  • Is grounded in self and group awareness.
  • Begins with understanding what you and your organization values.
  • Is a right, a responsibility, and aspiration and a choice.
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About Us

Beth High and her team have a deep commitment to helping people understand their capacity to lead and inspiring them to embrace that potential.

Beth is an author, organizational consultant, program designer, coach, keynote speaker, and Certified Master Facilitator. Her work in these areas has allowed her to develop a strong client list from a variety of sectors.

Over time, HighRoad Consulting has worked with a remarkable group of consultants with deep experience and expertise in all the relevant skills involved in developing as a leader. This network allows us to bring consulting talent to clients that is skilled and experienced.

We specialize in helping organizations unleash the leadership potential within their organizations and focus that potential on both issues at hand and future success.

Whether you goal is to create a culture of effective collaboration, drive innovation, strengthen internal communication or simply to drive results, we have a team that can help.

Who We Serve



About Beth HIgh


Beth High is the president of HighRoad Consulting. Her specialty is program design and implementation. Beth is an Instructional Designer by education and relies on those skills in all her client work.

“We listen first, ask questions, and listen some more.”

She believes the key to successful consulting is trusting what you know and always remaining curious. The best solutions come when you have asked the right questions,

Beth's background includes programs designs for the publishers John Wiley and Sons including:

  • 2008 The Leadercast Series, a podcast series with authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.
  • 2009 The Certification Program for Educators interested in developing programs based on The Student Leadership Challenge. This unique blended learning approach has produced over 125 Certified Facilitators..

Beth uses the following qualifications in most of her program design:

  • Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge. She regularly delivers the Leadership Challenge® Workshop in a variety of formats and consults with companies globally on how to incorporate the Five Practices model into their existing leadership programs.
  • MBTI
  • EQ-i
  • Risk
  • Change Style Indicator

Her programs also include:

  • Mindfulness practice
  • Innovation skills development
  • Negotiation and Influence
  • Managing multiple generations
  • Be-True- to-You presentation skills
  • Coaching for confidence and commitment

Beth has a strong team to draw on to meet the needs of her clients. This includes the ability to provide expert coaching, and technical advising for online programs.

Beth is available for consulting, program development and delivery, coaching, and key note presentations.

For further information please contact Beth at:



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